Rope man, rope man, grim reaper, dope man
Coat man, throat man, yeah let's call the coke man
No xans, oh man, why, y'all so broke man
Slowing, slowing, take my overdose
(Coaching, coaching, yeah you need coaching)
Focus, focus, X, life over
Take two of these, and you're gone till the morning
Zoning, zoning, sunlight soaking
Potent, potent, astroboy rolling
Other boys trolling, y'all really need to know man
Soaking, soaking, potent, potent
Real astroboy, bitch we rollin', we rollin'
Roses, roses, blood on the roses
In the land of dust, I be choking, choking
Me and the gang coming through like it's frozen
Bumping Cortex, I said: Fuck my opponents
(Broken, broken, my spirit can't be broken)
Open, open, like a bouquet, you opened
She ride me on the beach, like a mermaid with her totem
(Leany come through, bitches act like he the pope man)

(Dope man)
(Yeah, let's call the dope man)
(Dope man)

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