Killer With A Thousand Faces

009 Sound System

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Ooh I got this feeling is gettin' me high a little longer
And high a little longer is what I want to be

Ooh I got this feeling it's gettin' me by a little longer
And by a little longer is how I want to be

So it's cool, you can stick around for a while...
And I'll say

The killer with a thousand faces
Has got me in his cold embrace it's
Starting to break me down...

He's telling me that I got to face it
I know I've got to make some changes
If he's gonna stay around...

Ooh I got this feeling it's gonna keep me for a little longer,
Keep me for a little longer can't run away

Ohh I got this feeling it's got me waiting for a little longer
I'm waiting for a little longer is all I can say

So I'll stick around for today
And I'll say


I should have known what it's all about
I should told you that without a doubt
I was gonna leave you
I wouldn't take no chances

I should have known that the lonley days
Would make me rely on this huge mistake
Never should have let you so close
Took it for granted...

Ooh I got this feeling so I'm trying just a little harder
I'm gonna be a little smarter than yesterday

Ohh I got this feeling but it's the last time I promise
I'm gonna try my hardest to get away...

You know I shouldn't stick around anyway

Composición: Alexander Perls · ¿Ese no es el compositor? Avísanos.
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