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Death Of Manolete

10000 Maniacs

There were women holding
rosaries On the day Manolette died Teenage girls in soft whitedresses
Standing silent peace respecting Groups of boys held in theirhands
The fragments of a shattered idol The old men with theirtraditions
challenged Refrained from tears Neck neck hook Poles of woodThe
Picadores stood eyes ablaze To view brutal contest In the valeof
years Courage unfailing Agility exhausted Youth enteredchallenge
Reached for title shelved Patrons in attendance To disarm acommon
myth Homage played to the victor of immortality Cloaked in boldtones
In the stockyard the beasts Did climb their barriers Bid by afrenzied
ring Bred for one purpose only To die in man's sport Dash againsthis
spindle An instant fell to wounding On the day Swords penetratingOn
the day Torches igniting On the day Flower wreaths encircling Theday
On the day.

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