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This Is Your Day


Mmm Yeah
Oh Oh Oh
I'll Shine My Sun Your Way
Oh Oh Oh
Oh Girl This Is Your Day

Alone At Night My Body Craves You
Then I Let The Music Play
And We Make Love In My Mind
I Get The Chills
As Though You're There With Me
Now I Can't Wait
For You To Come Home
Just To Please Me
That's Why

(Chorus) Girl If You Want The Sun
Then I'll Shine It Your Way
And If You Want Your Back Rubbed
Then I'll Come Right Away
And Anything You Want From Me
Baby You Can Have It Your Way
Oh Girl This Is Your Day

It's All Your Day
Bring It Q

Baby You Know You Make My Day
When Your With Me
Please Forgive Me
If I Shower You With Diamond Rings
And All Those Pretty Things, Baby
You Changed My Life To Brighter Days
You Sure Made Me, Lady
Girl You're Not Alone My Heart Is Home
Just You Wait And See


Yo This Is For Slim

I Wanna Be Where You Are
And Everything You Do
So If You Pack Your Bags
And Went Away
I'd Have To Move To Where You Are
Girl What Am I Supposed To Do
To Get Through To You
To Make You See
With You Is Where I Want To Be

Break It Down,Break It Down,112 Break It
Break It Down Baby, Baby
Well Let's Sing It, Sing It, Sing It, Sing It

I Wanna Be Where You Are
And Everything You Do
112 Sing


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