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Get In The Van

2 Skinnee J's

Here we go on the road
That's all we have to know
Cause we be steadily stomping at every show

J put your hands up
J pull your mic out
And tear off the roof 'til coned turns the lights out
So here we go, beats and flow, to and fro, coast to coast
Act like you know when the crew takes the flow
Cause we travel through minds across times across lands
So pack up your stuff kid and get in the van

It's incredible, sometimes it's so close i can taste it
Then it seems so far away i can't face it. embrace it!
To chase it we take to city streets and interstates
With frames of featherweights and heavy beats on our plates
We roll into town like thunder
Commando band of stand-outs handing out propaganda
It's outlandish how small minds have big range
And loud voices - it's time for a change!
And it comes from the people - are you with me?
Who stand up and challenge the authority - come get me
Watch the flock drop yellin' hit me like britney, spineless and
While out in the yard rocking hard's where you'll find us
Cuz we've spent years where the adventurous be
Ask 'em who enters their headspace, they'll mention me
Go round for round, but understand fully
I rebound like the class clown after being pounded by bullies


You must rise when the night falls
Pound the ground, town to town when your life calls
Will you stand still? or walk tall?
Will you write that hit single, hit song, hit walls
I've fallen and i've still got the scars
I've been blinded but i still see the stars
Cause we did this the hard way down parkways in broad day
And hit all the causeways from bumfuck to to broadway
Big hearts, hit roads and dodge darts
Rip shows, flip flows and rock hard
To the upstart pop stars who top charts
You've sold yourself for stolen gold, but what of art?
So stand with me stand with me
Lift your fists up
Band with me band with me
We can do this right together
We can make a change for the better
And exchange the winds of change for stormy weather

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