Poppin' wheelies on a mansion
Male groupie on some fan shit
Be a man, not a fan, dog
Tech-Nine with the fan, dog
Blow your hood up like Osama, dog
Young Savage with the drama, dog
Still fuckin' niggas mommas, dog
I'm still fuckin' niggas mommas, dog

Skrrt, skrrt, watch the pot scrape
Pew, pew, watch the Glock quake
I'm Betty Crock with the cocaine
Lily Rush with the cold case
I passed the hoe, for my bro's sake
He know I love nuttin' on them hoe's face
I'm still dippin' in my old pay
Last year money, nigga, in my old safe
2013, that's a old Wraith
2017, it's a new May

Back in the back, nigga, with a new drape
Hit your ass so many times, you need a new face
Saint Laurent Don, this ain't Burberry
Nigga, do you wanna be a obituary
Kick you out the car, 'cause you too scared
I ain't got no permit, but I still carry
Give you a hot one, nigga, this a hot gun
We don't stop shootin' 'till the cops come
I'ma rich nigga, you a hot bum
I got bad bitches, you are not one
Yo bitch basic, bitch nigga face it
Broke bitch, hoe bitch
Club hop, chase dick

Told me to leave her number, already erased it
Bentley truck, 'Rari, Maybach, I been goin' apeshit
Yeah, yeah, whatchu talkin' bout, nigga
Jump out with that yop, whatchu talkin' bout, nigga
It's rainin' but that KelTec rain that Sun out, nigga
I got that Nick Cannon, brought the drum out, nigga
You niggas cuff to much, and I'm up too much
You can't talk to me lil' bitch, you ride the bus too much
They kicked me out of elementary, used to hunch too much
Used to skip class and go to school for lunch too much
Nigga, fuck you, yeah, you too

Blue tips, face shot, give you a blue tooth
And my bitch ass fat like Bruce, Bruce
I got a model bitch, she only eat cous-cous
AR-15, make a nigga hit them fours
Don't brung me 'round your plug, I hit them folks
Don't brung me 'round your girl, I hit them folks
I ran off on your partner and I'm with all the smoke

Whole pointers on my fist, lil' bitch
Quarter ticket on my wrist, lil' bitch
'Nother nigga from the Six, lil' bitch
'Nother nigga with the shits, lil' bitch
Don't suck the balls, just lick, lil' bitch
It hurt when you suck the tip, lil' bitch
Think I'm slippin', it's on my hip, lil' bitch
Glock. 40 make you tick, lil' bitch

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