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Love Is Enough

3 Of Hearts

We dont need the world outside, we've got all we need tonight
Love is Enough, oooh yeah yeah
Let 'em say what they wanna say, when you're holdin' me thisway,
Love is Enough
Everybody searchin' for a piece of mind, all they gotta do islook at you and I
Baby, just wait and see you can always count on me, When timesgetting tough
You're the reason that i'm livin' nothing that i wouldn't give
Love is Enough

May never have a lot of money, but it dont really matter honey
Love is Enough
Ain't it funny how 4 little letters, can hold it all together
Love is Enough
Even when we're old and gray, i'll be here and you can still hearme say

Long kisses and a tender touch, 2 hearts make a leap,
What else do we need?

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