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I'll give you love, the things you want
Ooh ah, ah, ah, ah, ah

1-I would do anything for you
I would do anything for you
I would do anything, girl, anything for you

Sitting at home another loney night
Wish you were here so I could hold you tight
Pain in my heart because I'm all alone
Why did you leave, why did your love have to go?
When I would do anything for you, I would

Thinking of ways that I can win your heart
But, I'm so confused I don't know where to start
Visions of love forever in my mind
I wait for the day when I could say that girl's mine

2-Cuz I would do anything for you, yes, I would
I'll give love, the things you want
Baby there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do
(Repeat 1)

So what can I do to prove I need your love?
What will it take because I won't give up
Open your heart and let your feelings show
Cuz deep down inside my heart just won't let you go
(rpt 2, 1)

So if there ever comes a time
When it's truth that you hope to find
Just call out my name
And girl I swear I would do anything

I'll give you love, oh I'll give you love girl...

I would do anything for you
(ask and I will do this)
I would do anything for you
(anything for you babe)
I would do anything
(anything anything for you)
I'll give you love, oh, love.....(ad lib to fade)

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