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Hand me my beach umbrella
He just as strong as me
And I don't like the way he pushes
Always looking down on me

Oooohhh, Oooohhh, Oooohhh
You really put me in the spot
And then I see you after all
How can you walk when you can crow?
Strange, strange, strange

I have a place that I can go
It's like a pregnant baby's picture
And there's a way I am
I see around time
Because I'm always looking down

Can't you reply this absurd?
Whom and where I know I have been
And you now walk 'cause I can crow
Strange, strange, strange

I don't like, I don't like
I don't like what I see

How really can myself go
And it is a feeling natural
And you now walk 'cause I can crow

In my bed I go to sleep
And something wake me
It's like a light
Answering my mind
And pushing down on me

Oh please I win to stay
And take me someone else
Oh like a lay
Oh like a crying
'cause it's nothing to the shell off

And now I'm so alone
And you answer out us to go
Oh it's so strange, so strange
So strange, so strange
Oh you're so strange

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