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One 2 Three


Make sum´ muthafukkin noise 4 me and my team

first i come one time 4 ya mind...
(first I come one time 4 ya mind)
then i come 2 times 4 my fukkin´ rhymes
(then i come 2 times 4 ma fukkin´rhymes)
after that i come 3 times cuz the outcome is trashy
4 L.Y.N.-Lil ,young and nasty !!!
it´s all about roachclips,tits and gettin´ high...
and I want all u muthafukkaz 2 jump yo butts in da sky!

buckle up,grease-monkey!
no engine can run faster,when no.11´s in the muthafukkin´trunk.
chi brings da funk in, deee brings da bump in,
braz da aggression,WICKED iz in session.
flow-rock-skee and DMK,audio and visual,
more than a crew 2 me, (it´s like...)
one,and here comes the 2 to the 3,
it´s 4LYN on u fukkaz,come on,sing wit´me...

one 2 three - 4lyn´s in the place to be
one 2 three
one 2 three - 4lyn´s in the place to be

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