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Insult to Injury

504 Plan

Why am i so good at bein a fool,
Why is it so hard for me to realize it,
I try to remember the good things i say,
Its hard to, its hard,
Its hard to do,
Im not a poet just an idiot,
Tryin to make my blind way through the days,
Dont talk to me,when i am saddened,
Its hard to,
Its hard to do,

When im alone in my room
I just think of the days that i sat sad and tired,
When im alone the only thing for me is you and everything you do,
Im lazy and stupid,
But i cant get enough of you lately
Its changin each day,
The reasons i be with you i just wanna be right here,

Why am i so damn hard just to please,
Can any one make any sense out of me
I try remember the good things ive done,
Its hard to,
Its hard to do

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