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Where My Girls At


Ohhhh, oh oh ohhhhh

See he's my property.
And any girl that touch
I might just call your bluff
Coz I don't give a ----
Who are you to call my cell
Oh I wanna wish you well
Cause any girl that tries has failed


Where my girls at
From the front to back
Well is you feeling that?
Put one hand up
Can you repeat that?
Trying to take my man see I don't need that.
So don't play yourself. (repeat)

hey hey hey hey
Don't you violate me
Cause I'm gonna make you hate me
If you start to mess with mine
Comb you down to size
Make you realize
You one messed up this time

Chorus 1x


You must learn the rules
Don't come close to
Anything that belongs to me.
He is mine. My property
So you must leave
4 ever yeah

Chorus until fade

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Written by: Eric Seats / Missy Elliott / R. Stewart. Isn't this right? Let us know.


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