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True To Your Heart

98 Degrees

Baby, I knew at once that you were meant for me
Deep in my soul I know that I'm your destiny
Though you're unsure, why fight the tide
Don't think so much, let your heart decide
Baby, I see your future and it's tied to mine
I look in your eyes and see you searching for a sign
But you'll never fall, 'Til you let go
Don't be scared, of what you don't know
True to your heart
You must be true to your heart
That's when the heavens will part
And baby, shower you with my love
Open your eyes
Your heart can tell you no lies
And when you're true to your heart
I know it's gonna lead you straight to me
(Got to be true to your heart)
Someone you know is on your side can set you free
I can do that for you if you believe in me
Why second-guess, what feels so right
Just trust your heart, and you'll see the light
(Ya know it's true) Your heart knows what's good for you
(Good for you) Let your heart show you the way
(Ya know it's true) It'll see you through
(Got to be true to your heart)
Girl, my heart is driving me to where you are
Well, you can take both hands off the wheel and still get far
Be swept away, enjoy the ride
You won't get lost
With your heart to guide you.
Chorus (2times)
When things are gettin' crazy (crazy)
And you don't know where to start (to start)
Keep on believin', baby (baby)
Just be true to your heart
When all the world around you (baby)
It seems to fall apart (apart)
Keep on believin', baby (baby)
Just be true to your heart
(Got to be true to your heart)
Repeat till fade

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