Subliminal Messages


Dreams are strange messages
misunderstood for what they may stand for.
There is a feeling between, reality and how
everything may be worth nothing..
may be worth nothing..and how everything may be worth..
From the goat in your ass saying, "ickefoo"
to the liquid shift shaping to what you hate
confusion cripples me and I determine to change
it to what I can understand.
Puzzles are not(hing) when knowledge can be bliss
Sounds scare when they can have no meaning
Imaginations sore to the height what you may think.
Uncomfort is rarely taken as comfort
but when it is comfort it may be what is uncomfortable
can both sides be twined so they can be
be no actual uncomfort?
Reality?! or rain?! or happiness?! or life?!
I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. I'm tired and I'm going to bed.

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