There's not a quiet heart living in this place
If love could hear, it would collapse amidst it's race
I'm so unsettled and you're so yearning for the dawn
And there's no fear of dying, only a hatred for hanging on There's not a rhythm that you can't dance to
There's not a beat I can't create
There's not a song we can't sing along to that shows us our re-destined fate

And all these years there has been these equations that I can't help but hold onto
I'll be damned if I find the answers
The first one I tell will be
Grey eyes are lying to blue eyes that hide
Green eyes are finding a meaning inside of everything I've done and all that I've said
If my life is over then your faith is dead
(Your faith is death.)
We drive and we drive into the ocean but we survive
(just barely until we arrive)
The air is escaping from my lungs but you breathe love into me and that's what I'm living from
I'm glowing, I'm glowing
I'm floating
I've arrived to you

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