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Can't Stop The Pop


Can't stop the pop
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh
Everybody's looking
For a place to go
Sick of watching all
These silly TV shows
And mama don't like you
Cranking up the stereo
So I say it's only right that
We should let her know

Ooh yeah, can't stop the pop
And you can't knock the feeling
We're never giving up on
What we believe in
Oh yeah, can't stop the pop
'Cause we can
Show you the meaning
This is about time you get
Some groovalistical healing
Oh yeah, can't stop the pop

Papa said you better
Make it home by ten
But then at 10:15 you're
Sneaking out again
There's a party at the club
But they won't let us in
But I know dancing in the
Street is perfect medicine

Repeat chorus

Can't stop
Can't stop the pop
So we can rock
But we're keeping it hot
Let the beat drop
When we hit your block
So we can't stop
So come on, so come on
Oh we won't stop
In the parking lot
Put your hands up
Whether you like it or not
It's a sure shot
Give it all you got
So you won't stop, won't stop
So we don't stop, won't stop

Repeat chorus twice

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