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Bleeding Hearts


Why don't you lay down my darling?
You look as if you're at wits end
Sip this, i made it especially, my decomposing friend
Oh how your eyes respond fondly, as your larynx dissolves apart
Vapour emits from your delicate mouth as my loving potion burns out your heart

Kiss me now, you know where i love it,
It doesn't matter if you bite
For i extracted all your teeth to stop you putting up a fight

Playing hard to get, i said, was useless from the start
Now as you lay, still as a slut,
With your long legs torn apart
Playing hard to get, i said, will lead to nothing but strife
But you changed your mind so quickly as you sat upon my knife

I love your sweet cold fingers,
They love to dangle and play
Don't fret, you didn't really need them,
So i devoured them as an entree
I hate what you've done with your hair!
Give it another trim, me thinks!
Take it off at the neck-line and put in a blood-red rinse

Repeat chorus

'Cause playing hard to get my love was a useless game to play.
You knew you really wanted me,
Oh your skin's so soft to flay

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