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Final Journey

Foto del artista AcceptAccept

A feeling, a presence
Time is of the essence
A fear that you'll be left alone
A warning, a presage
Delivery of a message
It's all there in the unknown

Alerting, averting
It's all disconcerting
Shots ring out from afar
Swerving, observing
The sound is a piercing screech
Of a speeding car

It's your final journey
Destination unknown
On your final journey
You'll be travelling alone!

A pitching and rolling
Sensation controlling
You strike while the iron's aglow
Sensing the danger
One look from a stranger
Just passing somehow you know

Urgent, urgent
Somehow it's all converging
Your instincts tell you to run
Away from the blackness
The fear and the madness
Onwards into the sun