vistas 89

From The Ashes We Rise


There's a storm out on the horizon
Blackin' out the day
Hell and high water
Come to take my world away

I can hear the wind blow
I can hear the screams and cries
Slamming doors, running for cover
Praying this rage goes by
Now everything we've worked for
It's gone in a moments glance
I need something to believe
I need a second chance
With injured souls and wounded hands
We'll carry on, we'll struggle, we'll rebuild the land

We've been knocked down, we'll get up
From the ashes we rise
We've been kicked around, sure enough
We will survive
We've been shot downm, we'll stand up
From the ashes we rise
Life is so hard so just get tough
We will survive

I can see the ruins
Of life that used to be
Everything has been shot to hell
In this harsh reality
Devastation all around us
Blood is all I see
But with strength, believe and our fellow men
We'll meet our destiny
With injured souls