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Love In December

Ace Of Base

We had a million of days
I know that our time has run out
You're my everlasting groove
Forget the past, for the time to come
In all our thoughts and we will meet again
Never leave me out here in the cold
I sing for my never-ending dream

Love in December, I will always remember
Our summer with passion, a fatal attraction
Colors are fading like the leaves in November
What's left of the magic?

We had a million of days...

Love in December...
What's left of the magic we felt in the spring time?

'Cause there's a place in the world
I know where I rather would be
In the fairy tales of love
Where everything has a happy end
A world my friend in Fantasia land
We will be together all the time, my friend
In the fairy tales of love

Love in December...

For a moment a touch could feel
Like a vision of an angel
Has our love and desire dissappeared forever?
Always longing to have you near
Feel the power and the passion
Feel me slipping from your hands
Please break my fall

Love in December...

Love in December...

Love in December...

Love in December...

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Compuesta por: Susan Werner / Andreas Carlsson / Paulo Sérgio Valle. ¿Los datos están equivocados? Avísanos.


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