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Blank Contract

Ace Troubleshooter

[God:] Here ya go, boy, sign the form
Just sign on the dotted line.
Don't you worry about petty details
It'll be alright in time.
[Me:] Hey wait a sec, this contract's blank
You know there's nothing written here.
[God:] That's OK, I'll fill it in later
Just be sure to lend an ear.

All I want is your heart, no promises.
Trust in Me with your heart, mind, and strength
And the rest will follow.

[Me:] Hey wait a sec, God
How'd you get out of the box I put You in?
You know for a while I've been comfortable living in my sin
[God:] You know, son, you've been living two-faced
You've really made it into an art
I'll give you true love, true peace, true freedom
Just give me your heart.

I love only You, Lord.
I want more of You, Lord.

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