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I'm sit'n in my chair
Watching my TV
It's not even on
But theres plenty for me to see
I just lit, some crazy ass shit
That my friend overnight mailed to me

I'm fuckin wasted
It's the best shit i ever tasted
I think they fuckin laced it
Cause i'm so damb lambaseted

Well my friend came over
So i packed him a pipe
I told him he better go easy with this shit
But he didnt beleave the hype
He sparked three bowls just to show he could take it
Two minutes later
He was playing backgammon naked

He's fucken wasted
It's the best shit he ever tasted
He's lost in fuckin spaceted
Cause he's so wicked wicked wasted

Woah, spent the last two hours
Hiding under my bed
Cause i looked in the garbage can
And i think i saw my uncle louies head
I'm fuckin wasted

Well my friend blew a hit
Into my pet birds face
The bird laughed histarically
And started to moon walk all over the place
He tripped over the toaster wire and fell on his beak
He looked at the two of us
And he started to speak

I'm fuckin wasted
It's the best shit i ever tasted
My brains been eraseted
Woooah, I'm fuckin fried!

Now, where sitten in the bath tub
Want'n sumpthin to eat
I wanted a pizza and the bird said
Uh.. pepperoni would be sweet
Delivery guy showed up four hours later
And handed me his shoe
I said we ordered pizza buddy
Whats the hells up with you?

I'm fucking wasted
It's the best shit i ever fucking tasted
Woaaahhh, fucking shit

I'm way to based....

Ohho no

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