Trusting melted snow
When it's always changing is hard
But you'll know why I'm here
Once I'm gone

What's burning below
Miles of pain won't go
So I will

Shame on the child in me
Shame on the liar in me
It's a shame
It's a shame

You've made trust to me seem a crime
Just know I've been with you honestly
The whole time

Is this love
Or are we looking for perfect things to claim
Is this love
Or are we bleeding the blood of all the pain
I guess this is love

The sun won't stay up for long
And you're so afraid
Afraid of the darkness that comes
So what can I do
You can't be alone tonight
So what can I do
I still love you

This is love sometimes
Forget all the perfect things we crave
This is love this time
What's living inside me I can't tame
I guess
I guess this is love

This is love

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