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Wait In Summer

Addis Black Widow

I could wait in summer, wait in winter
Wait in spring or even fall
But if I wait in summer wait in winter, wait in spring or
even fall
U might say no!
I know…
still I wait in summer
Wait in winter
Wait in spring
And even fall
It might be so…I know.

U don't know u…u…u..oughta know
U should know..u shouldn't wait no more
More o these chains on da door
Chains on da door, get up on it, WAKE UP!!!! buckle up ya catchina cold
Catchin a cold if u wait until da summer an fall
An when da winter comes then shes all gone!
Wheres she? All gone
Wheres she? All gone..all gone. Wheres she?
All gone.. all gone..Where?
(U be saying) ;
Whos da cat? Who who who could be dat?
Whos da brat? Who took her took her T-cat
Who be dat who took an finger licked her?
Who be dat? Who took her up in da sack?
Only cream can make a girl glad
An in a cake dats what they all grab
So pigeon if u want it real bad.
Just wait.

I was walkin around, then I saw her,
Whats ma name?
ITS pigeon.
Tired of U wastin ma time…tired of watchin days go by
While ya funnin an runnin an maybe out big timin
U is a big flirt A BIG FLIRT!
So what U gonna do when I come for U?
Got a plan or U gonna pass like a flue?
Whats ya plan? I got a good feeling about U
Tell me now..see I don't need to be a bugaboo

Now from da first time dat we met,
I told U im free on next summer next
So why U wanna come an treat me like a pet
Yeah U got game an ya whole thangs set,
But….only cream can make a girl glad
An in a cake dats what they all grab
So pigeon if U want it real bad
Just wait

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