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Help Me Understand

Adkins Trace

Once in a lifetime You'll open up your heart Maybe once in yourlifetime
You'll swear to never be apart
You think your love's on solid ground
Then out of the blue, it all comes tumblin' down

Who's gonna hold me tonight
When I'm feeling lonely
Who's gonna show me the light
'Cause I need to know
With all the things we've go
How can love just stop
Tell Me
Somebody help me understand

And my picture in your locket
What will you do with it now
All our friends and all our memories
Tell me how we sort them out
What's yours is yours
What's mine is mine
Is that all that's left
After all this time

Repeat Chorus

Help me understand
Why I'm not part of our plan
And you don't need me anymore
Help me understand
Why I still wanna be where you are
Even though I know in my hear
You don't love me anymore

Repeat Chorus

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