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My fate is now complete
i pray the lord my soul to keep
she's crying in her sleep
in her dreams she hears the sound of marching feet

i'm lying in my bed
thinking of the things i should've said
the truth came out all wrong
words are weak as breath
the chains of consequence are strong

tell them that we all fall down
down until our feet touch ground
tell them that i love them so
promise me you'll let them know

the door slams in my face
love's gone without a trace
the writing's on the wall
tells the story of it all

my god, where are you now?
my god where are you now?

(repeat chorus)

jenny labow sings during the last chorus
you though your life was your own to do what you would
how could you do this to us?
did you remember us waiting there ,unaware?
how did you think this would end?

my god, where are you now?

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