This Celluloid Dream


Calling tears from deep inside, oh, you're so exquisite.
And in the mirror, all midnight eyes.
Oh, if I could remain, but it's just a visit.
All midnight eyes read "vacancy."

Twisted, twisting.
To the lovely dancing lights,
I begged, "May I cut in?"
but they never stopped playing "their song."
Of a joyous song they sing,
I've heard whispers.
On a freezing note, I resonate.

Just like romantic verses,
just like a joyous end,
just like a memory, it twists me.

You land as lightly as the new snow, cinematic,
onto the melting boy and melt away.
You light as gently, you're so cinematic.
Bathed in your radiance, I melt.

In the glitter, in the dark,
sunk into velvet praying this will never end.
In the shadow of a star,
in static pallor,
I realized I never began.
All the colors upon leaving will turn to grey.

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