Babyface and L.a. Reid

Last Night, I Had the Time of My Life--
It's True
For Last Night, I Made Love For the Very
First Time
With You

I Never Knew Love Could Be So Sweet
It Never Made a Difference to Me
But Ever Since the Day That You Appeared
I'm Telling You Made the Difference
Now Love Is So Clear

And I Can't Stop (Can't Stop)**
How I Feel
I'm Diggin On You
You Diggin On Me
We Diggin On We
And Oh I Can't Stop (Can't Stop)
How I Feel
I'm Diggin On You
You Diggin On Me

Last Night, You Bought Something Special
Out of Me
And For the First Time
You Made My Dream a Reality

I Never Though Love Was Meant For Me
For Iwas Blind and Could Not See
You Bought About a Love That's So Sincere
And I'm Telling You, You've Made The
Now Love Is So Sincere

Repeat Chorus ** 4x

You've Got Me Thinking That I Need
Cause Your Love Is So Strong
I Don't Wanna Do Wrong
Girl Your Love Seems Like It's True
You Just Give Me a Call
And I'll Give You My All

Repeat Chorus

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