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Sacred Divinity


In peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps
Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps
Of our long forgotten history.

Those who are devoted to her know that she keeps
In her pure soul the key
To our identity.

I will guard your ancient dreams
Protect my lovely sleeping beauty.
I will give my life and love
For my Sacred Divinity.

Now the wintersun paints her in shining gold.
Smiling she wakes up and asks me to hold
Her gentle hand in mine.
Her graceful white body trembles in the cold.
She knows today the forces will aline - Forces hating the divine.
I will save you from their blind
And unreflecting treachery.

I will guard your soul and life
My Sacred Divinity.

I will always stand by your side,
Save you from their tyranny.
Or I will die for my love,
My Sacred Dininity.

Hear the storm blowing, see the skies darkening,
On marketplaces and in churches crowds of them are gathering!
Here they come marching, betraying and lying,
To take our love, and our souls, to destroy everything!
They do not care for your soul and your purity!
Nothing do they feel for you except of everlasting envy!
Neither do they know nor understand your biography,
They hate your beauty, hate all beauty, and fear your ascendency!

After this cold day of sadness and grief
She is left without any hope or belief
In a day after this night.
Will she in death find at last a relief,
A place of silence and light
Where everything is alright?
I broke down and cried in sorrow
In despair and mistery.
I cried for my love and passion,
My Sacred Divinity.

All that I could do was stand there
Helplessly in agony,
And watch them dishonouring
My Sacred Divinity.

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