Voluptuous Chaos' Realm


Streams of undying veins, bliss me
OverWorld pleasures,
Voluptuous Chaos Reign

Derelict sights between the cosmos' beauty world,
The perfection is older than your reality now,
Reality's realm is older than your see…
My ways are stronger than your dismal mystery.

Feelings, turn to black by flesh's desire
Know the hills of sinity (sanity) and lonely
What is not killing us?
Is drowning us into the illusion disaster.

Dreary, the sunlight fades in silence
The Dusk covers my eyes and whispers in my ears
The cold come - smiling through decadence.
To live and die in hands with revulsion.

Chaos is everything that you see.
You see yourself in me.
(At your mind...behind).

This is the meaning of creation or destruction,
The existence of being or just being not.
Being is always the meaning of rot,
To live and die in hands with revulsion.

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