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Sex Born Poison


Shoot,use your gun of life
I'm not afraid to die
In your arms
Shoot,use your gun of life
Keep on watching me
Poison me
Mesamedasu prince from the biomass
Ai yoku no nami ni oyogu
Kana eacute: yo holo bi na ki ai
Demo ima wa jikan ga nai
Yokubo no sensor kawasu ai no juice
Do kasen ni hi wo tomoso
Hashile hijogushi leikyaku system on
Todokazalu nanaban me no sola
Who dares to wake me?
Prince from the biomass
Swimming in the waves of your intimacy
I'm able to offer
My love for centuries
But i have no time right now
Meet my desire sensors
My atom juice of joy
You want to use my affective circuits
Run to the fire exit
Use your cooling system
You'll never reach the 7th sky today

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Written by: J.B. Dunckel / Jean-Benoît Dunckel / Nicolas Godin. Isn't this right? Let us know.