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Dear Diary


(revolver cocking)
My vocals sound dynamic when placed on track
Me wack? your local mechanic couldn't even fix his mouth to say that
I'll make a rapper change his occupation
And have him selling hot dogs if he ain't saying nathan'
I wait for challengers to pick a day to beef
I'm not a calendar-
I'll knock your ass to the middle of next week (next week)
Leaving you outdated, i'm r-rated
Niggas on my dick was to fall off if i was to get castrated
No need to explain
I'm doper than heroin, so just take my name in vain
You can't follow the ak's footmarks
I'll throw your raps in a shoebox and let the bullshit walk!
I straighten up those who be slacking up
In other words i'm not a film director
So don't come over here acting up
You know just who i am
This ain't the damn macho man wrestling program
Over here you get slammed on the premises
Remeber this, the name akenyele it don't rhyme with genesis
I'm not the one to get played
This ain't the arcade
Pull over here and you'll find your fingers in the yellow page
You can't hang with the kid
My lrics are so bad they're only taught in school 600
So all you rappers keep eyeing me
But just admire me
And write this shit in your diary
Dear, dear diary (i kicked it plain and simple)
Write it in your book, kid
Dear, dear diary (i kicked it plain and simple)
Put it on your pages
Dear, dear diary (i kicked it plain and simple)
Write it in your book, kid
Dear, dear diary...check it out
Yo rob swift! (rob swift gets business) x4
All you got to do is just set it
Better yet act like you want it and see if you don't get it
I walk over rappers like doormats
Save all that nino brown chat for all them other new jacks
In your city, with your whole damn committee
Your butt-ass rhymes are all shitty
So don't riff cause i'm in a class by myself
Make like a ventriloquist, talk that shit someplace else
Lyrics you pick are all simple
And all like swift to come out your face like a dam pimple
But just so you can't follow this
My rhymes penetrate to the skin just like a dermatologist
Best to head to the clinic
Cause akenyele's style about to spread like an epidemic
I don't talk past the speed limit
One style's a gimmick
I won't change up because i'm not a schizophrenic
Pushing a wooden box
6 foot 6 is what you catch if you step to the ak
I kill a rapper's better one sec
If he ever play me like an accident and think he can catch wreck
Shit (sheee...)
Once i combine ya, here's another reminder
Niggas can get stomped down to china
In other words get that ass kicked
I'll send your wack baby-ass raps right back to pediactrics
Play the back before you get smacked
Ask like a lumberjack, i come from the projects of lefrack
Ak to the nel
Don't give a hell who you wanna tell
Not an intercom but my name rings bells
So all you rappers c'mon, if you want to start trying me
But write this shit in your diary

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