It's just a temporary slide back in the abyss.
I should've seen it coming from miles away.
They've been armed in a sacred cult structure
Shielding me of my oblescent dagger.
There was a purpose upon the horizon; a destination

And I march to ban you
And I march to ban you
And I march to ban you
And I march with a thousand.
It's not surprising I should find myself flailing
Having across a bridge of certainty

Back behind enemy lines with no work till tuesday
I didn't even fuck with the temptation.
Got down, with little to do, I welcomed
Old habits like a long lost friend

To spite you
Ashore 'bout a week in venice giving
Themselves up to the strengths of the menacing darkness.
The shrieking howls; light or grey & feeble.
The sulky trees sad, dropping their knees in defeat.
The temperature falls.
There's a big light switch on.
& From time to time
Pharos from the cats

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