She’s walked this road many times before
Never strays and never looks back
Knows her soles are as warn as her soul
Some people choose to abuse that
All of her beauty under a shadow
Outside an alley, inside she’s hollow
Into the darkness into the void
No one to help her, she’s got no choice

Oh lord
Oh no
Oh lord the people cry
Oh no
All alone
Oh lord people cry

He can never leave his cage of guilt
All in his head all that he’s built
Heating spoons to feed his fears
Turns blue to black to stop the tears
All but his weakness under his thumb
Outside the chaos inside he’s numb
Never a smile always a frown
No one escapes from golden brown

Oh lord
Oh lord
The people cry
Oh lord
Oh lord
Oh no! Lord people cry

The same amount pain, same amount of doubt
The whole world over
Where you’re gonna turn to when there’s no way out
And it hurts all over

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