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Do You Wanna Know?

Alkaline Trio

So hello where are we today
Still fighting, still running in place
And now the outline of this lake
Seems to be pointing me away
Honestly, I've never lied more
To myself all over the floor
Right through my teeth I've showed you
Just how weak my knees can get
Don't let go… my spine is slipping like a fault line
If I go, I'll bury us all
Don't close my door… don't leave me out with these mosquitoes
Trying to drink up all my wine
Do you wanna know what my love is?
Do you wanna hear how my song goes?
Do you wanna know what my love is?
Don't say no
Don't say no
So now it's up to me to wait
I need you to reciprocate
My heart is ticking like a box
Sent to me by anonymous
And now I'm scared to open it
I'm always blowing up to bits
I'm always running out of lives
Running out of time
Don't let me go, I'd fall apart
Don't say you won't follow my heart
I've kept this deep inside for far too long… it can't be wrong
Only one life to give, I cross my heart and hope to live
With you my darling here for evermore

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