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Take the sun, embrace the moon
Seek your way troughout the windy days
And by the time the night comes
Your soul should be reflecting the stars
Like a watermirror of joy

The grace has come
The grace has come

Then, only then I'll be in you
Inside the flames of your heart I'll be found
If you so want to...
Be my muse, my friend, my love
And never let me out
Only then...

Your grace is gone
Your grace is gone

I'm the one whose soul is trapped in the past
And the future won't come for me
I'm the one who sees preety stars when grey rocks
Are all that you can see

So let me be the one who brings all the stars to your life
And let you feel the glow in your skin
Give away all your secrets in the air
Time's running out and our line is so thin

So when I fall... you should be free
Forget the worries... leave them for me

You are free
You are free
You are free
You are free...

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