Ain't no use in running
'Cos I'll get to you
Ain't no use in praying
God won't see you through
I believe in nothing
So don't believe in me

We all have our sins, baby
Hold on and you will see

I don't want it
Make me bleed
No medicine man's
Got what I need


Everything's so free 'n' easy
Everything's so free 'n' wild
Everything's so free 'n' easy
My pretty one, I'll take you for a ride

Don't need no fire
To fuel my soul
There's enough b*tchin' baby
To do it on it's own
And if I get too lazy
I don't need no shove
How did I say I believed in nothin'
When Lord, I believe in love

(Repeat Chorus)

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Written by: Floyd London / Ricky Warwick. Isn't this right? Let us know.