So come on join the resurrection
Does my conscience bother you
Screwing the world without protection
It's the corporate thing to do

You'd better start believin'
That it's just another dream
Killin' in the name of love

They put you down for freakin' freely
Coz they need someone to blame
So cut the crap and see more clearly
A world of difference is just the same

You gotta give it
You've gotta give it 'til it hurts
They're trippin' on your destiny

Don't fight it
Feel it
Do what you will

I' got a nerve and you're on it
Yeah what I want is what I lack
I hung my hang-ups on a meathook
That I've got buried in your back


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Written by: Pete Friesen / Ricky Warwick. Isn't this right? Let us know.