Reading the bible in a cheap hotel
Am I in Heaven or a decadent hell?
I got the anti-christ on my TV screen
Selling household gods that I don't need

Give me something I can hold on to
This love, hate, love I'm going thru

Taking Hold
Taking it all the way
Taking hold
Taking hold of my beliefs

My culture clashed and it ain't no fun
Today I feel like I need a gun
Now the Woodstock nation's the Pepsi generation
If it kills me I'll find my salvation

I hope to God that my hope won't die
Am I just too low to high


I love the things I used to kill
I hate the way I used to feel
I was lying thru my teeth
Taking hold of my beliefs


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Written by: Pete Friesen / Ricky Warwick. Isn't this right? Let us know.