United State Of Apathy


(Relentless) we get born and raised
(Relentless) broken promises made
(Relentless) the days cut like razors
(Relentless) with no guarantee on saviours

(Relentless) everyone's addicted
coz everyone's a victim
(Relentless) I've seen the movie
it did nothing for me
(Relentless) patience is a virtue
that ain't worth waiting for
(Relentless) I'll buy you a coke and sing
I'd like to teach the world to scream

We're just dying to be like you
In this...


United state of apathy
got no motivation
united state of apathy
strung out on a diet of pure frustration

(Relentless) the voices in your head are calling
(Relentless) they don't tell you waht you want to hear
(Relentless) another smoke on inspiration
(Relentless) to take you anywhere, anywhere but here

(pre-chorus chorus)

Freedom of choice or a choice of freedom
paying the price for the cost of living
sit up straight eat your Jesus flakes
all good things come to those you hated


United state
United state
United state of apathy
we're just wasting away

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Written by: Pete Friesen / Ricky Warwick. Isn't this right? Let us know.