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I like salsa with my pancakes, baby
I like to vacuum when i'm in the nude
I'll watch the weather channel for no reason
I like it, baby, just like I like you
Sometimes the love you get is free from logic
Sometimes it happens when it least expect it
Sometimes I wonder why the world's gone crazy
But I like never knowing what comes next
'Cause i found you
Without out even trying
Or lifting a finger
And then you were here


Such a strange thing
We think we are in control
We always know
Until we don't
Funny how the world can spin so fast
And we don't crash
We just get dizzy

If I could, Maybe i'd build a rocket
So you and I could make love on the moon
And get perspective on a world gone crazy
Get understanding about you and me
I used to pully my hair out and worry baby,
That I would die before I found true love
But then the moment that my heart stopped searchin'
A spirit brought you here and the universe
Called my bluff
The best things happen
When you don't try
Or wish on an eyelash
Just open your heart
To a strange thing


Fasten your seatbelt -- it's always a bumpy ride
Check out the scenery
Don't sweat the details
Don't choke on your pride
Don't fight the changing tide
Your fears in your mind
We're all just flying blind


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Written by: Amanda Marshall / Billy Mann / Jay Leonhart / The Molecules. Isn't this right? Let us know.