It's been a long time I'm
A little out of myself
Things happens here and there
My thoughts are always the same

Everything's changed and I don't even know how
This funny feeling's taken part of my life
There's no more sadness in this brand new mind

Only for you,
I'd walk through the shadows of the darkest night
Most crazy things would be so small tonight
Sitting by you just to see time going by
Only for you,
I'd do more than best to stay with you for a life
I'd stop the time to never say goodbye
These beautiful feelings from that you seem to hide
Only for you

Don't even know how I was once I didn't met you
My friends are saying it's all your fault and that's true
You've shown me these things which have made me a man
I know, this madness is so hard to understand



It's not so hard to look around you and see
There's someone right here who's waiting to be
The man you ever needed to be with
Can't you see that I'm still here


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