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(A Little) Pestilence (Ain't Hurt Nobody)

Amongst The Dead

All this hatred that's inside of me
Beats a message: "There is no hope left for us"
It cries out to you, the liar
Love was never alive here.
I can't wash this filth from my hands,
All of this that you put me through.
Your voice is laced with falsehoods,
A lie in every stitch.
Fabrications only take you so far,
Before you're stripped bare.
It must be hard to articulate
When half your face has rotted away
Exposing your mangled teeth
I am one with your murder.
I'm stripping your securities
Bone dulling the razor
I'm the last horseman
The last breath that you'll take.
I'm sorry, I once loved you.
But your history of constant betrayal
Has cost you everyone that ever cared
And I don't blame them,
I don't blame them.
So knock another one back for me,
God knows I need it too
But you'll never be prepared
For the hell I'll put you through.

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