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  1. At The Stone Of Ancient Wisdom
  2. A Acroodzi de A Galvah
  3. Of Darkness Spawned Into Eternity
  4. Powerslave (Tribute to Iron Maiden)
  5. Arphe de A Londoh de Ialpor Salbrox
  6. As The Morningstar Shineth
  7. At The Other Side
  8. And The Physical Shape Of Light Bled
  9. Cometh Doom, Cometh Death
  10. Forest Of Summoned Spirits
  11. In The Land Of The Crimson Moon
  12. In The Profane Domain Of The Frostbeast
  13. Invocation Of The World Destroyers
  14. Necessary Evil
  15. No Tears At His Funeral
  16. A Ravens Reflection Of The Ancient Northland
  17. A Hymn To The Northern Empire
  18. Preludium - Lucifer, Aieth Gadol Leolam
  19. Procreation Denied
  20. Retaliation Of The Rebellious


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