Killing The Mercy

And One

Imprisoned in the cell of hell
My execution sealed by law
Since years I'm longing for your smell
But hope is ending at the door

Your phone is ringing once a week
It's good to hear a voice like home
Just twenty seconds left to speak
My love died with a busy tone

But this day something takes too long
Instead of hello just a noise
The number's right, this voice is wrong
It's killing time, I have no choice

What will happen to me
Tell me which love's killing the mercy
A dead man's swimming over the sea
He won't to be (the one who will feel you)
Now it happen to me
Tell me who's gonna die in the deep sea
Killing the mercy (who will feel you?)

I hear the footsteps on the floor
A jailer's scream, a falling key
My life is ending here once more
The time has come to kill me free

With the barrel pointing at my face
I'm knocking on her sinful door
The trigger seals the act of grace
She'll never call me anymore

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