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Happy Birthday

Leah Andreone

You're nice and warm
The water's deep
I'm kicking while you sleep
Muffled words I don't understand
But it sounds like talk is cheap

You're pushing hard
It's cramped in here
Is this what warps my head
The lighting's red, the pressure's high
Is it birth or is it death

Made in your image, are you prepared
You are what you conceive
You're my first love
I know you inside out
And what you already ate I'll eat

Naked and lonely
Will somebody hold me
The deed is done
Let's start day one
You're stuck with me

Ahhhh happy birthday

This bloody maze is puzzling me
I can't find my way out
Should I turn back, is it too late
Do second thoughts count

If I can't speak who'll speak for me
Can't even stand on my own two feet
I'm not afraid to ask, will you hold my hand
Leaving here's kind of bittersweet

Naked and lonely
Will somebody hold me
The deed is done
Let's start day one
You're stuck with me

Finally I'm safe, home sweet home
Flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone
So many people, so much love
Hip hip hip hooray, I'll never be alone

Noah's ark didn't show up here
Holy water, I guess I'm blessed
What's the buzz, why the sweat
What's the hold up, why the mess

Soon I'm yours and you're all mine
I hope I'm all you planned
Deliver me, believe in me
Salvation's in your hands

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