I saw the desert wind
Tear across the wilderness
I felt it blowing off the page
The teacher told me, "son,
Always remember this"
And I have always been afraid

I read about the god of moses
Roaring in the holy cloud
It shook my bedroom window panes
I did not understand then
I do not understand now
I don't expect you to explain

You've been a mystery since the moment that I met you
You never move but I can never seem to catch you
The cornerstone

You said to eat your flesh
Before you broke the bread and blessed it
Before you poured the wine for every man
This is a hard, hard teaching
Can any man accept it?
Can any sage here understand?

You turned the tables over
There in your father's temple
You cracked a whip and raised a shout
My daughter asked me why
I said, "love is never simple
It draws 'em in and drives 'em out."

I saw you there but it was too late to change my course
And I collided with a beautiful immovable force
And so the stone that I rejected
It has become the cornerstone

All the maps were drawn
But the maps were wrong
The stars spin around
Another sun
All the maps were drawn
But the maps were wrong
The rivers are running from
The cornerstone

And you looked me in the eye and fixed me with a permanent stare
I met your gaze and saw the forges of the firmament there
The cornerstone

And the floods come up
And the rains come down…

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