Your World Is Shutting Down
No Real Friends
No One Understands You
And No One Ever Will

You're Worthless Anyway
You've Never Done Anything Worthwhile
Why Bother Trying?
Nothing Will Ever Change
Nothing Matters
There's No Use Living Anymore

You've Never Been In Love
And No One Will Ever Love You
You Don't Deserve To Live
Nothing Makes You Happy
And No One Cares
Your World Is Shutting Down

You're Getting Older Every Day
Slowly Coming To An End
There's Nothing
No One Can Help You
It's Ending And You're Completely Alone

You're Alone In The World
Life Means Nothing
No One Understands You
And No One Cares
Every Day It Will Cotinue On
Why Bother Trying?

Can The World Be As Sad As It Seems?

It Is Ending

You're All Alone
And You Just Feel Like Crying
And You're Always Down
You Just Don't Feel Like Trying

People Pass And Live Their Lives
While You Still Go Nowhere
You Stay At Home
And Sleep All Day
No One Really Cares

So It's Time To End It All
So You Lay Down On It
Your World Is Coming Down Today
So Just Lay Down On It

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