Don't Ever Stop The Noise

Andrew W.K.

Do You Really Want To Go Down Now?
Do You Really Want To Know Where I've Been When I Go Out?
Can You Understand What I'm Feeling?
Do You Understand What It Means Man?
But When You Here The Sound It Feels Just Like A Pleasure
And When You Here/Feel The Sound And You Go
You're Coming For The Sound Don't Ever Stop The Pleasure
Remember What It's Like Coming Down
So Don't Stop Making The Noise
That's What We Said! We Said!
Don't Ever Stop The Noise
We Can Never Stop Making That Noise
They Try To Forget And They Try To Destroy
But They Can Never Stop, No Never Stop...
The Noise!
You Don't Know The Sound When It Feels Bad
And You Lost What You Knew So You Took What They Had
Now You Try To Take It From Others
But Try To Mess With Us And You'll Suffer, Brother

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