Oh, tico tico, tick
Oh, tico tico, tock
This tico tico, he's the cuckoo in my clock
And when he says "cuckoo,"
He means it's time to woo,
It's tico time for all the lovers on the block

I've got a heavy date,
A tete a tete at eight,
So speak, oh, tico, tell me if it's getting late?
If i'm on time, cuckoo,
But, if i'm late, woo-woo
The one my heart is gone to may not want to wait

For just a birdie, and a birdie who goes
He knows of every lover's lane and how to go there
For in affairs of the heart
My tico's terribly smart,
He tells me: "gently, sentiment'ly at the

Oh, oh, i hear my little tico tico calling
Because the time is right and shades of night
Are falling.
I love that not-so-cuckoo cuckoo in the clock,
Tico tico tico tico tico tock

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